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Personal Message from Smita Sadana Founder and CEO, Sunrise Capital Management LLC

Dear Investors and Traders,

Welcome to! After 15 years of trading for a living, I decided to launch this website to share my experiences with investors and traders who wanted to build real wealth by improving their skills. When I started trading in 1996, I read financial books and followed advice of the pros. However, I managed to rack up losses and realized I needed to understand what separated the amateurs from the professionals and the losers from the winners.

Over the years, I learnt a lot and dramatically improved my trading results, delivering approximately 39% average annual gains over 13 years and 2 bear markets, with only one mildly negative year. From the end of 2000 to 2010 (i.e., excluding the significant gains of the late 1990's), the average annual returns are approximately 19%, vs. a flat performance by the S&P500. You can check out my personal track record here.

In the last few years, my interaction with fellow traders gave me the motivation to create this website, to help others learn from my experience with the goal of improving their own investing and trading results. The market has been treacherous over the last decade, and based on my assessment of the economy and our financial markets, I am convinced that we are going to face a volatile and difficult market environment for years to come. Most traders and investors are not prepared to meet these challenges. The winning edge I have developed is derived from a combination of fundamental analysis, technical analysis, market psychology and money management. You can read more about my trading and investment strategy here.

Most trading/investing websites are run by people whose primary job is to market their services, as opposed to trading. The advantage you have of joining is that you are going to learn how to systematically improve your skills so you can dramatically improve the probability of building wealth over time and profiting in all market environments. Basic membership is free and members will be kept updated with any new products or services that we roll out periodically. In addition, you will find our TraderVantage Mentoring Sessions an invaluable resource. In these sessions, I have highlighted some of my personal best practices that can take your investing and trading to the next level.

Please take some time to understand the Disclaimers and Terms of Use for this website.

-Smita Sadana
CEO and Founder, Sunrise Capital Management LLC
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TraderVantage Mentoring Testimonials

This is an incredibly comprehensive course. I can already see how many changes I can make immediately to improve my results!.

- A.S., MD, Portland, OR.

I wish I had come across this course earlier - this has opened my eyes and is proving to be invaluable in managing my assets.

- S.V., Syracuse, NY.

I now approach my trading with so much more confidence - in myself and my techniques. I have really learned to manage risk so much better!

- A.S., San Francisco CA.

I love the fact that thanks to this course, I have a disciplined approach to make money in both bull and bear markets.

- M.M., Pleasanton, CA.